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The Best Cookies in Raleigh

Voyager Raleigh

"The signature cookie that started it all was the Walnut. We now have over 15 flavors to choose from. There is nothing as gratifying as watching someone take their first bite of one of Miss Frans Cookies and loving the taste and texture to the point of dancing."

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What our customers are saying!

"Miss Fran's delicious, soft, buttery, sweet, brown bags of goodness has been a part of my life for several years now and after going through a short stint with cookie withdrawals and cookie rehab, I have finally learned to curve my cravings and keep them at bay. I used to actually see a brown bag on someones desk and immediately could tell if Ms. Frans cookies were inside. I would actually police areas searching for bags on team members desks. I know it sounds extreme but that is exactly what these cookies have done to me. I have never seen the type, texture nor wholesome goodness in any other cookies. They are one of a kind."

 - Michael C.

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