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All About Us

Miss Frans cookies started almost 9 years ago right from my very own home. I have always loved baking cookies and getting to share them with friends and loved ones. My passion turned into a business when I started to receive a rush of compliments and requests for more!

The cookies are baked and packaged with love and care - if you don't believe it, you'll have to just try one! I am so excited to share my passion, and I am so grateful for the love I have received from new customers who just can't get enough of them! While starting a business wasn't my original plan, I am so excited to begin sharing my cookies with even more people!

Perfect for any occasion, these sweet treats are sure to put a smile on your face with just one bite. What makes Miss Frans Cookies better than the rest? Just listen to our customers!  "The taste is so incredible," one new customer said, "where can I get more?" Our flat cookies are not only mouthwatering to look at, but they have a satisfying crunch that will leave you wanting another! Enjoy your choice of yummy Macadamia Nut, delicious Chocolate Chunk, or sweet M&M cookies -or all three!

The support I have received from both new and returning customers is absolutely amazing, and I am beyond blessed to share my passion with others! I hope you too will enjoy the delicious taste of Miss Frans Cookies! Miss Frans Cookies - just one bite is pure delight!

How We Started: About Us
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